Asdan has run for several years in our school. The programme offers our students a range of curriculum enrichment programmes across all ability levels. The aim is to enable young people to understand themselves and others better and to become better prepared for making the transition to adult life.


ASDAN is a NZQA - approved course and many mainstream schools follow this programme of work throughout New Zealand High Schools. There are several different Awards on offer and here at Goldfields we concentrate on the following award schemes: Transition Challenge; Towards Independence and Workright. Senior students are able to build up a portfolio of work and evidence which enables them to achieve these awards and indeed continue towards higher level awards such as the Bronze or Silver Award.


ASDAN's mission is to develop, support and accredit life skills programmes for a variety of learners in different contexts. These programmes and qualifications are designed to create opportunities for personal and social development and to enhance self-esteem. So, the programme is very much in line with our own overall focus and desire for our students.

ASDAN compliments the New Zealand Curriculum and fits right in to our adapted curriculum here at school. It allows for our students to be involved at the planning stage of their learning, right through to reflection and evaluation of outcomes. The motto is ‘Plan –Do –Review’ and this sums up the programme's aim, fitting snugly into the reflective Inquiry Learning practice so inherent in many of our schools today. ASDAN runs through our senior school and is overseen by Mrs Davis.

Since 2012 we have continued to use the ASDAN programme but aligned very much to our Options, Enterprise and Work Experience schemes of work. This has enabled us to more fully incorporate it into the wider range of study options available to our older students and to formally acknowledge the skills and learning they develop during their senior years.