Speech and Language Therapy


A brief look at the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists' Association Inc (NZSTA) Te Kãhui Kaiwhakatikatika Reo Kõrero o Aotearoa will show anyone the breadth of work our Speech-language Therapist does here at school. They cite the following areas of key work with children:


and throughout our school individuals and groups will have programmes developed by Liesl Pellissier, our SLT, which reflect these needs. Working alongside students, class teams, and family/whanau, Liesl helps to refine and develop programmes, access students to effective assistive and augmentative communication aids and this opens up a whole new range of learning and social opportunities.

At the heart of all of our communication programmes is a desire to develop a Communication Rich Environment for our students. This is reflected in the integration of sign, visuals aids, te reo māori and a wide array of technologies to support verbal communications both in and out of class. In doing this we ensure every child has not just a voice but also an ear, ie they can understand what is said to them and respond in a way that is understood by their communication partner, be that a friend, a staff member of parent.