An Introduction to the Specialist Services and programmes at Goldfields School

At the hub of all specialist services are our teaching and therapy teams. These two teams work together to ensure that all students who attend our school receive a balanced educational and therapeutic timetable throughout their school week.

Some programmes are discreet, ie students are withdrawn for 1:1 sessions with either a teacher or therapist, and others occur individually, in pairs or as part of a group within the general classroom.

Since our Specialist Service Standards review last year (which you can read in the reports section of this website) our team has continued to grow and develop. We have welcomed an additional Occupational Therapist and an Orientation & Mobility Instructor to the team. So now, any student attending Goldfields can expect to be assessed and supported as needed by the following specialists:

  • Music Therapist

  • Orientation and Mobility Instructor

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Physiotherapist

  • Speech-language Therapist

Complimenting this team are Specialist Teachers of Vision and the Deaf, as well as our full time special education teaching team.

The individual pages which follow will give readers an opportunity to gain an insight into the individual roles of each of these specialists and the role they play in students’ lives. Added to this we have highlighted some of the more specialised areas of learning and programmes of study we have developed here at school. These support our students to access many of the traditional learning areas by provided highly differentiated pathways for them to follow. They have provided many students with a springboard for much achievement and advancement over the years and are just one of the many ways in which we personalise the learning opportunities afforded to students here at school.

All specialists also provide extensive professional development for our core teaching team (teachers and teacher aides). This ensures that not only are all staff able to incorporate therapeutic recommendations into students individual lessons but also that staff are trained up to properly implement therapy and therapeutic adaptations in a safe and effective manner. Whilst highly specialised programmes are only done by the therapist or clinician, many others can be carried out by our other staff once initial assessments and programmes have been developed and instruction given. Therapists continue to monitor and supervise all programmes of course.

For more detailed information or explanation on any area of therapy or learning please contact the school office who will guide you to an appropriate member of staff.