Option and Enterprise Classes in our Senior School

Education for Enterprise provides opportunities for students to link their learning to ‘real-life’ situations. At its heart lies the premise that learning is linked and connected to 'real-life' experiences with real challenges. It is about students being as independent as possible, taking responsibility, and showing initiative, while working with others to achieve agreed learning goals. It is also about having fun while learning. The programmes were designed with a work ethos and link closely to the development of the Key Competencies.


Students are offered a choice of 4 different Enterprises over the school year. During 2013 the students have been involved in Enterprise groups focused around up-cycling of Buttons- Button Bedlam, Goldfields Canteen, Tackle boxes for Fishing, Mosaics, and Gardens all Around.


The addition of Options and Enterprise in to the classroom programmes has enriched and extended the opportunities for the students as these comments from staff show:

“Options offered students a choice in what they want to learn and have an interest in.”

“Options allowed students opportunities to have focused learning in other areas which staff are knowledgeable about and could use their expertise.”

“Integrating all senior students into different classes gave them an opportunity to interact and work together, with the older students really shining at times in supporting each other.”

“It was amazing to see what the students achieved.”