Work Experience


Work experience at Goldfields School offers our senior students an opportunity to gain valuable skills in the workforce and community.

The programme begins for most students at 16 years of age and is tailored to meet each student's needs.


Throughout the placement the student is guided through a structured learning programme by a work coach who accompanies the student each week.


The core focus of each of the learning goals is:

  • Being able to work safely

  • Being responsible

  • Working well with others

  • Getting the work done


It is a 10 week programme offered during terms 3 and 4. Each student is selected for a work placement based on their own needs and those of the employer. A student can be expected to work from ½ an hour to ½ a day each week and depending on the age and ability of the student, some may have the opportunity to take on two separate placements during the term.

Together, the student and the work coach share the individual's goals and assess the progress being made. At the end of the 10 weeks the employer also provides an assessment / evaluation of the student's performance.

Employers range from farm owners to local businesses and community service groups. This means that our students can rotate placements and experience working with a variety of different sized groups and organisations whilst practising the basic skills required for that job.