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Our Programmes

The focus of a student’s learning is centred around their IEP goals. These goals are incorporated into a range of different programmes depending on the individual student's learning needs.

Academic Programmes

Alongside all the practical life and work skills programmes that we offer our students, we believe it is important to ensure that they have everyday opportunities to access the curriculum.  Our students participate in Literacy and Numeracy programmes which are individualised to meet their learning needs and styles.  The students are assessed throughout the year to monitor their progress and support achievement.

​Multisensory Programmes

At Goldfields we are extremely lucky to have Sensory Suites which include a darkroom, whiteroom, ball pit room and a heated indoor pool. Individualised programmes for these areas are integrated into students’ daily schedules. A multisensory learning approach is a term used to describe teaching methods that involve engaging more than one sense at a time. Involving the use of visual, auditory and kinesthetic-tactile pathways, a multisensory approach can enhance memory and the ability to learn. This can also include taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing and movement, providing students with experiences through multiple pathways that can greatly support engagement in their own learning.

Work experience and Micro-enterprise

Our senior students are linked with an employer in the local community, who can offer them meaningful work experience and skills that are transferrable to future work opportunities. For some young people the option of a micro-enterprise (small business) is a more desirable option. This model provides students with a valued social role and status. It allows for contribution and the opportunity to meet people and form relationships.

South Pacific Education Courses

The SPEC programmes are NZQA approved New Zealand qualifications that have a focus on developing competencies.  Self management, working with others, critical and creative thinking are crucial skills needed for work and/or further learning.  The ‘future-focused’ personalised learning programme have proven successful results for students who require a different approach to learning. These programmes help students with their literacy and numeracy, personal growth and positive learning engagement.


Our senior students are given an opportunity to work within differentiated groups similar to what they would do if they attended a mainstream Intermediate or College. The lessons have a vocational focus where they learn skills that will support them in their future. Some of these classes include Canteen (shopping, food prep and food service), woodwork, gardening, and sewing and sales opportunities through our Pop Up Shop where they sell the things they make.

Special Events

Goldfields' Students attend many special events throughout the year. These include Special Olympics, Halberg Manaakitanga Sports Day as well as School organised days out such as Kayak Day, School Camp and a visits to Hamilton Pools.

Goldfields also has many social and fun days throughout the year, these include Easter Egg and Spoon racing, visits to Paeroa Pool and School Cross Country.