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School History

Goldfields School first opened on 1st February 1971 at the Paeroa Army Drill Hall. The Principal was Ken White and the school had one teacher,  Dot Wells.

In 1974 the school was relocated to it’s present position at 55 Norwood Road.  The teaching team included the Principal, Mr P. West; teacher, Mrs D. Wells and teacher aide, Mrs K. Johnson. The school role was 22 children. From 1974 to 1984 the school gradually increased in numbers and  Anne Stout became Principal.

In 2010 the school had a new Principal, Mr Gary Quarless and a satellite class was opened at Miller Avenue School closely followed by the senior unit In 2012. The senior school was built on the top field of Miller Avenue School. Goldfields School's roll was at this point 47 students with 8 full time teachers.

In 2016 a satellite class was opened at Te Aroha Primary, followed by another at Paeroa College in 2018.

2019 saw a change of Principal to Mr Cameron McKenzie and the opening of a double unit in Thames South School. The role currently sits at 83 students, 17 teachers, 28 teacher aides and 5 part time therapists.

Paeroa Drill Hall was built in 1902